Chinamerica Radio live

Chinamerica Radio is a 24/7 online radio station broadcasting Chinese Pop music.

All the music played in this station is exclusively Chinese, however, the rest of the content, like announcements, interviews, talks, and announcements are broadcasted in English.

Chinamerica Radio was created to please to all the Asian American community that would love to listen to the best selection of Chinese Pop music.


Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. Vinko Coce - Dec Po Dec

2. Fun Fun - Colour My Love (More Than Less Remix)

3. Sha Baoliang - Fighting for Life

4. Stanly Hsu - Promise

5. Dean - Lonely Loving You

6. SpeXial - Another Day

7. 헤이스트링 - A Bottomless Pit

8. madexchina - First Name Last Name

9. Pang Long - Two Butterflies

10. Oldescool - Get This Party Started

Last 30 days:

1. Vinko Coce - Dec Po Dec

2. Stanly Hsu - Promise

3. Sha Baoliang - Fighting for Life

4. Pang Long - Two Butterflies

5. Hota - Humble Abode

6. A-Lin - Gentlewoman

7. Rinteln - Don't Go East

8. Lee Baker - One Plus One

9. 헤이스트링 - A Bottomless Pit

10. Gry.Clds - If You Must Leave Me, Leave Me Now



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