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Welcome to my chill podcast, a monthly podcast with the best tracks that are perfect for studying, working, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay! Twitter/Instagram: itsBamf

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Welcome back! I'm sorry I'm late, I really am. I got sick from COVID and didn't have the strength so far to prepare the mix. This mix is sincerely something unusual because there are many artists you already know and many new artists with their styles. Lofi is expanding in styles but that doesn't mean it's getting worse, I think it's a wonderful opportunity to listen to new talent, new styles, find your favourites... Also I released a song called What If, if you like the song please share it on your socials (is the best way to support me, you don't have to donate or buy my songs, just share them) By the way I'm already great, I'm recovered and I can finally go back to doing my thing as usual. I hope you guys are great, be very careful out there. See you in the next mix (I'll try to be on time this time) Love you all 💕💕 Farewell. Bamf Tracklist: 0:00 James Waves - Mirrors 3:13 Sergeant Jay - Nobody's Heart 5:45 Nathan Kawanishi - Opulence 7:48 Devon Rea, Mensing - Tip Toe 9:20 Moods, Philanthrope, Yasper - Bucket List 11:27 Broey., Linearwave - While the Leaves Blow 13:48 Philanthrope - Mapple Leaf Pt.2 15:41 paris91 - Kaviar 18:23 Philanthrope - Droplets 21:15 Jmms, Otaam - Summer Memories 23:21 SPEECHLESS, Liliomszál - Wednesday Night 26:01 Retro Jungle, DLJ - Pretend 28:44 Hevi, Kainbeats - Empathise 30:51 eugenio izzi - I'll Wait Foor You at Home, Even If It's Raining 33:07 mell-ø, Ambulo - Stay the Same 35:05 tsyu, Spencer Hunt - Letting Go 36:52 Jobii - Sisu 39:20 Jay-Lounge - February 42:00 Bamf - What If Apple Music Playlist: Spotify Playlist: Discord: Contact:

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