Dr. Laura Call of the Day

Dr. Laura Call of the Day

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

As one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility; she's been doing it successfully for more than 30 years, reaching millions of listeners weekly. Her internationally syndicated radio program is now heard exclusively LIVE on SiriusXM's Triumph Channel 111 (M-F 2pm - 5pm ET / 11am - 2pm PT), and is streamed on the Internet and podcast. This podcast offers a collection of Call of the Day highlights from the show. To get on-demand access to the full show every day, become a Family Premium member at DrLaura.com. Dr. Laura is a registered trademark of Take On The Day, LLC.

Categories: Kids & Family

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Martin never thought he would stop his procrastination. He even believed Dr. Laura had said the "lamest thing ever" until ...

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