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Mary Payne Gilbert can’t stop listening to podcasts and she can’t stop talking about podcasts. Now she's sharing her obsession with you. On Payne in the Pod, Mary Payne talks to podcasters about their shows, the stories they love to tell, and the personal insanity of being a podcaster.

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It is with heavy heart that I announce the end of the Payne in the Pod era. I'd like to thank each and every single listener and follower from the bottom of my heart for being so loyal. Thank you to each of my podcast guests who allowed me to ask my burning questions, and even get a little personal. Thanks for my friends and family who have supported this journey wholeheartedly. And finally, thank you to the podcast community for welcome this loud southern belle with open arms! While this is the end of Payne in the Pod, don't you worry - I'm not leaving completely. You can still find my reality-tv-loving southern charm on Pink Shade with Erin Martin and the Patroon-only podcast Hey Bunkie. And you know I'm always listening to podcasts so let me know what you're listening to or if you need recommendations. Love y'all - and I'll be in your ears again soon! PS. Stay tuned to my announcement in July about my next venture! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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