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Welcome to Ride the Vibes, the coolest new culture podcast from VoiceTube inc. Join Winnie and Steve as they talk about culture from around the world.

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In this episode, Winnie and Steve cover the world of movies and cinema. They start with some unique history, like how Hollywood actors used to get paid and some of the technologies such as technicolor and CGI. They then talk about how we watch movies and how movie theaters vary between the US and Taiwan. This also involves common snack foods, prices, and why we watch movies. The situation then moves on to how the hardware has changed. From VHS to DVD to Blu-ray, and then to Netflix and streaming. Finally, Steve and Winnie talk about some of their favorite movie and why they are so special. Read our weekly blogs for more information on each topic! Check Out VoiceTube Taiwanese Site Global Site Japan Site Get in Touch With UsOfficial Instagram: rtvibesvtFind WinnieInstagram - @winnieyujuliaoWinnie's Podcast - https://bit.ly/wupppodcFind Steve Twitter - @ThinkinVagabondSteve's Podcast - The Pixel Meditations

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