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Tapestry is your guide through the messy business of being human. You’ll hear surprising conversations and rediscover your connection to something larger than yourself. Tapestry: your time to pause and go deep.

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When you’re faced with the really important decisions in life, how do you know you’re getting them right? Steven Johnson studies the art of making decisions, big-ticket items like having children, changing careers, proposing to your sweetie, moving to a new city (when the pandemic permits.) He is the author of Farsighted: How We Make the Decisions that Matter the Most. Candice Marie Benbow is a writer and theologian who has decided to pursue her dream of being a mother on her own in 2021, saying: “We literally were given the gift of surviving one of the hardest and most difficult years that any of us have ever seen. We didn’t survive all of that to play small. To not live these big, beautiful lives that are of our making.”

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