Bedtime Stories for Children

Bedtime Stories for Children

Steve Adams

Short bedtime stories for children to help them fall asleep. Choose between classic fables, fantastic adventures, and the stories that inspired Disney animation. Join us on our journey into a world of imagination. Listen ad free with a subscription to Bedtime Stories for Children at Follow us here for more stories or get notified of new stories on Instagram @MagicMonorail. You can also email new story suggestions to "Bedtime Stories" is produced by Magic Monorail Productions

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In the tale of "Tommy the Tidy Turtle," we follow the journey of a disorganized turtle named Tommy, who, with the assistance of his friends Franklin the frog and Fiona the fish, discovers the importance of maintaining a neat and orderly living space. Through their support, Tommy learns valuable lessons about the true significance of a clean and organized home.

Bedtime Stories for Children is produced by Magic Monorail

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