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Brown Chicken Brown Cow Podcast

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Welcome to The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show & Podcast. We are a Sex-Body-Gender Positive podcast and show that aims to entertain, inform, and have a little fun. There's going to be something here for everyone who believes that sexual exploration, sexual communication, sexual identities, and being open to sexual possibilities are healthy, friendly, and most importantly fun. We believe that your things might not be our things but your things are ok too. Join your hosts as we all learn and share more about this sexy world around us. Want to know how you can help us out and to reach our show goals? Maybe you can support the show, get stuff, and even be part of the party? Head on over to our page and become a monthly subscriber. There are so many levels of support it is insane. Pick the level you want and become part of the magic. If we reach our goals we will start producing more podcasts, more live shows, and more stuff and prizes for you.

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Buffy worked at a cathouse (brothel) and we are here to ask all the questions you always wanted to know, here's your chance to learn about the sexy world of cathouses in Nevada.

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