Chinese Musical Instruments

Chinese Musical Instruments

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THE podcast where you can learn about Chinese traditional music instruments, our latest products and hear some of the hottest tunes played using these traditional Chinese instruments.

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In this session, we've invited Mr Neo Yong Soon Wilson , a Zhonghu musician from Singapore Chinese Orchestra to talk about 8 Erhu tips and tricks.!

Mr Neo is a well known musician here in Singapore, who conducts various schools, Cheng San Chinese Orchestra and has countless Erhu students learning under his wing.

Here's a quick breakdown of the 8 tricks:

i. How to prevent sticky strings

ii. How to protect dry snake skin

iii. How to solve sticky strings

iv. How to remove rosin built up on the sound box of the Erhu

v. Quick fix for Qianjin

vi. Snakeskin tension reliever

vii. Prevent your erhu from slipping

viii. Snakeskin protector tape

We ended our Live! Session with a performance of “慢慢喜欢你”, sang by Biyu Ng, with special guest Neo Yong Soon Wilson on the Zhonghu, Anson on the Yangqin, Ruiling on the Erhu and Sung Wah on the guitar!

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