Commercial Property Show Australia

Commercial Property Show Australia

Andrew Bean

Australia’s #1 Commercial Property Podcast The Commercial Property Show is about the ins and outs of Investing in Commercial Property. We have assembled the best and most experienced minds in Commercial Property to give the beginner right up to the professional investor market news and investing tips.

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The Commercial Property Investing Explained Series is back with Steve and Andrew at the helm. In this episode, they delve into the current state of interest rates and how it has impacted commercial property markets in 2023. They examine which sectors are booming and which ones are a bust. They also share which banks have a higher appetite for commercial property in 2023.   Additionally, they provide insights into  The latest vacancy rates. Bank lending in 2023. Should you fix your interest rate? Why industrial property has built in low supply. How to stress test your interest rate. What a CAP rate really reflects. If now is a good time to buy commercial property. Can a commercial property really weather high interest rates?    All this and much much more so If you're interested in commercial property investing or want to stay informed about the current market conditions, tune in to this informative episode of Commercial Property Investing Explained Series.    Don't forget to grab your FREE copy of Steve’s NEW Book Residential Property Explained Simply book in a bundle - Use discount code PODCAST  CLICK HERE  Steve Palise - Palise Property  Ph: 0403 878 497 Email:  LinkedIn:   Get your FREE copy of Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply - Use discount code PODCAST CLICK HERE    Get your FREE Commercial Property Pay down Calculator CLICK HERE    Follow Palise Property on FACEBOOK for Free Tips Tricks & Insights CLICK HERE    SHOW CREATED BY THE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY SHOW NETWORK    HOSTED BY: Andrew Bean  Ph: 0410 694 633 Email: LinkedIn: Instagram: @andrewbean28   FOLLOW THE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY SHOW NETWORK ON COMMERCIAL PROPERTY SHOW WEBSITE FACEBOOK GROUP – Commercial Property Show Community  FACEBOOK PAGE – @commercialpropertyshow INSTAGRAM - @commercialpropertyshow TWITTER - @compropertyshow APPLE PODCAST  PODBEAN LINK

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