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Cybersecurity Weekly is all about making cybersecurity simple and reachable to all. We believe that cybersecurity is a mindset and not just theory. Through our podcasts we would like to bring in technical discussions and latest cybersecurity news nuggets to you. Support this podcast:

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CISSP Nuggets are here to help you prepare you for the the Certified Information Systems Security Professional examinations on the go. I will be uploading 3 questions per nugget (want more? tell me about it on

Here's a link to the Udemy course with 3 full 3h tests:

PS: I give away 100% free access to this Udemy course for 3 days every month. Follow our linkedin page for catching up the discount code for this month. Since the discount code changes every time, you will have to use the latest code. Reach out to me for more.

Best Wishes!


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