Kramer & Geena Uncensored

Kramer & Geena Uncensored

Channel 933 (KHTS-FM)

Kramer & Geena host the morning show on Channel 93.3 FM in San Diego. They're all about being fun and upbeat, but sometimes they just need to vent.

They discuss pop culture topics, relationships, dating, love, life issues, and more.

Kramer & Geena Uncensored takes you behind the scenes to hear the things they can't say on the air! Mature content.

Categories: Comedy

Listen to the last episode:

Kramer has some HUGE news, can you guess it? Plus, Mr. A is OFFICIALLY Geena's Boyfriend! But now we found out that Phone Screener Jess made Garage Boy her boyfriend! Listen to all the red flags...

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