Tokyo 2020 Fencing Podcast

Tokyo 2020 Fencing Podcast

Karim Bashir and David Baker

Karim Bashir, a former international fencer and fencing commentator, and David Baker, international referee and FIE Promotion Commission member, bring you regular updates on the path to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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Bash and Dave recap the rollercoaster that was the Kazan World Cup and discover who has qualified for the Olympic Games

Previous episodes

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    Thu, 25 Mar 2021
  • 37 - Budapest Sabre World Cup Review 
    Mon, 15 Mar 2021
  • 36 - FIE Announces Final Olympic Qualifiers 
    Thu, 28 Jan 2021
  • 35 - The Return to Fencing? 
    Mon, 13 Jul 2020
  • 34 - Covid-19 Interviews with Alessandro Noto (ITA) & Greg Massialas (USA) 
    Sat, 28 Mar 2020
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