Aiya Cantonese! 哎呀!廣東話打到嚟

Aiya Cantonese! 哎呀!廣東話打到嚟

Yasmin Chan

A weekly Cantonese language podcast for intermediate learners covering a line-up of little observations about the Canton culture beyond dim sum. The purpose is to create an alternative to traditional textbook tapes for repeated listening and have more fun. Host Yasmin is from Hong Kong. She is passionate about language learning, capable of 5 languages. . 以改善廣東話學習者(中級)聽力為宗旨嘅輕鬆節目!內容以趣味性出發,圍繞主持人對廣東文化嘅一啲小發現同個人日常。主持人Yasmin,香港人,熱愛語言學習,識得五種語言,希望透過呢個自然地講廣東話嘅節目,提供另類嘅學習機會俾大家。本節目每週更新。

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Part 2 of Yasmin's bite-size atlas - about different types of local restaurants in Hong Kong. This time Cha Chaan Teng (茶餐廳) is introduced. Are you ready? Not to eat, but to dive deep into Cantonese & Hong Kong dining culture.

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