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Counselling Insights

Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute

Looking for inspiration and insights to help you with your counselling work? Listen as Vicki Enns interviews experienced counsellors and professional helpers to explore a variety of counselling topics. Through these conversations, listeners will hear the unique perspective of the guests, as well as Vicki’s insights on the topic. Vicki is a therapist with over 25 years of experience, the Clinical Director of the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute, and editor and a contributing author of Counselling Insights and Counselling in Relationships.

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Vicki sits down with CTRI Owner and Managing Director Nathan Gerbrandt to explore his evolving understanding of creating Trauma-Informed spaces and practices. They discuss moving beyond awareness in order to co-create safety with individuals and organizations. Nathan shares practical suggestions for seeing strengths and success as part of trauma awareness. And he highlights the influence of this model on upcoming CTRI trainings.

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