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This is a complete guide on how to say "can" in Thai. (Beginner-Intermediate Thai) Many of you know the word "ได้ dâi" as "Verb can", however, there are other words that can be used as "can". Let's explore them all and learn to use them in a proper sentence in different cases correctly.     

⭐️ Verb + ได้ dâi  used for ability, availability, permission   
ฉันร้องเพลงไม่ได้ ตอนนี้เจ็บคอมาก chǎn rôorng-pleeng mâi-dâi. dtaawn-nīi jèb koor mâak
= I cannot sing. My throat hurt badly at the moment.   [Ability with limitation or restriction.]  

ฉันไปด้วยได้ chǎn bpai dûuay dâi
= I can go with you. [Availabity]   

⭐️ สามารถ sǎa-mâat + Verb ...... +ได้ dâi used when speaking in a formal setting   
เขาสามารถพูดได้หลายภาษา kǎo sǎa-mâat pûud dâi lǎai paa-sǎa
= He can speak different languages.  

⭐️ Verb + เป็น been used for skills that need to learn to acquire or "I know how to......"  
ฉันร้องเพลงนี้เป็น chǎn ráawng-pleeng níi bpen
= I can sing this song. (I know how to sing this song.)   

ฉันขี่จักรยานเป็น chǎn kìi jàk-kà-yaan bpen
= I can ride a bike. (I know how to ride a bike)    

⭐️ Verb + ไหว wǎi used as "still can" for the ability to do something in a difficult condition.
คุณดื่มไวน์ไปสองแก้ว ขับรถไหวมั้ย khun dèum wine bpai sǎawng gáew kàb-ród wǎi mái
= You drank two glasses of wine. Can you still drive?  

⭐️ ช่วย chûuay + verb + หน่อย nòi ..... (ได้ไหม dâi mǎi) used for asking for a favor or help as "can you please?".
ช่วยซื้อกาแฟให้ฉันหน่อยได้ไหม chûuay sêuu gaa-fae hâi chǎn nòi dâi mǎi
= Could you please buy a coffee for me?      

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