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Pre-Hospital Care

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In this episode, we welcome Victoria Lebrec, London Traffic Justice Campaign Coordinator for RoadPeace. Victoria has been fighting for road safety in London since losing her leg after a collision with a skip lorry in 2014. Others have lost limbs on the same section of road since the incident, and it is only one of many places in London where accident rates are disproportionately high. Victoria’s work is focused on raising awareness of the need for improvements for cyclist safety across London.

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In this episode I speak with Dr David Stehlik on leadership, followership and organisations. Dr Stehlik is the programme director for the Keith Bussey School of Business and entrepreneurial leadership at the University of St Francis in Fort Wayne in the US. He is also the the founder of a strategy and business education consultancy ‘Fourscene’ related to the field of strategic foresight. He is a strategist, an educator and team developer, he has also published a book called ‘Integrated delivery - innovating leadership for outstanding healthcare outcomes’ that was released at the beginning of 2021.

In this episode we speak about what constitutes ‘great leaders’, and then dissecting the antithesis of this in the anatomy of failing leaders. We also examine:

  • Self-awareness and tools to help get there (SWOT analysis, Johari’s window)
  • Great followers and failing followers
  • The consequences model & Role-playing model & conflict resolution
  • The AI model
  • Great organisations & failing organisations

You can contact David at

You can also read the article that the interview is based on here:

I hope you enjoy this episode with a fantastic guest. 

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