Take Your Kids 2 The Office

Take Your Kids 2 The Office

A Dad Who Should Have Known Better

We're in the final countdown of The Office's availability on Netflix. From now through the end of the year I (who've seen the whole series roughly 743 times), and my kids (who theoretically have never really watched it) will watch an episode a day and release our impressions. Really this was just a foolish one off comment that was supposed to go nowhere, but today's kids being as obsesses as they are with streaming really (REALLY) wanted to do it... So now I'm stuck with this bad idea until they lose interest. ENJOY!

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192(+) episodes!
Just over 6 months!
Averaging 1 episode per day!

What absolutely started as a terrible idea embraced by my eldest, culminates in what was still probably a pretty bad idea - but undoubtedly a lot of fun.  
For me,  I got to watch one of my favorite shows yet again and got to share it with one of my kids.
And BONUS - now a few of them actually get most of my Office quotes.

We'll start a new show under a new name.  If you're 1 of the 3 people who listened ... lookout for that.

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