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We exist to help all people be with Jesus, become like Jesus and do the works of Jesus in our city.

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“The antidote for a spirit of control is a spirit of surrender.” - @andrejosiah Ps. Andre shared on Living in Holy Uncertainty. Drawing from Jesus’ last words on the cross - He highlighted that even at the very brink of stepping into the unknown, Christ’s posture of surrender and trust in God that was demonstrated in His final act is one that we should embody and learn from. Ps. Andre then encouraged and reminded us to live lives of surrender - placing the full weight of our trust in God and to look to His presence, as opposed to leaning on maps, schedules and formulas. Having faith in the certainty of His character and His will in us is crucial in helping us let go of the things we hold so dearly - especially in the midst of uncertainty and fear. Let us as a church commit to living lives of surrender, fully trusting the Lord to guide our every thought and step, especially as we navigate through these tough times.

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