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We exist to help all people be with Jesus, become like Jesus and do the works of Jesus in our city.

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“The message of Jesus is not to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses; rather, it is in your weakness that God’s strength is made perfect within you.“ - @andrejosiah We started on our Vision Series, with an overarching theme of A Holy Discontent, challenging us to confront the shallowness of our spiritual discontent in a culture that craves immediacy and the temporary. Ps. Andre spoke on the very heart of discipleship today, which is to take our spiritual formation seriously. A dangerous fallacy in our approach to life with God occurs when we believe that being strong in one area will somehow compensate for weakness in another, but God wants us be like Christ in all aspects of our lives. Let us take some time to reflect on this question: “Where am I unlike Jesus?”Our formation must address the areas where we are not formed in Christ. We pray that we will approach our spiritual growth with intention, taking active steps to be molded into the image of Christ and live out our faith daily.

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