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The Documentary Podcast

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A window into our world – investigating, exploring and telling stories from everywhere. Original BBC documentary storytelling, bringing the globe to your ears. Award-winning journalism, unheard voices, amazing culture and “unputdownable” audio. New episodes every week from our teams: documentaries, Assignment, Heart and Soul, In the Studio and OS Conversations.

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Sport but not as you know it. A brand new sports storytelling podcast.

Imagine being stranded in the “death zone” on one of the world’s highest mountains. How about running 200 miles in a dark tunnel? We’ve been searching the world for the most amazing sport stories. Other podcasts bring you the scores and team news. This one tells the stories you’ll wish you’d known about and now probably won’t forget. You don’t need to be obsessed with sport to find yourself immersed in our mini-seasons and short stories. Search for Amazing Sport Stories wherever you get your BBC podcasts. Or find it here:

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    Sun, 03 Dec 2023
  • 2490 - Kissinger’s Legacy 
    Sun, 03 Dec 2023
  • 2489 - BBC OS Conversations: Israel and Gaza - securing freedom 
    Sat, 02 Dec 2023
  • 2488 - Heart and Soul: Follow God, not the people 
    Fri, 01 Dec 2023
  • 2487 - Kissinger 
    Thu, 30 Nov 2023
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