WR: UR - The Unlimited Robotics Podcast

WR: UR - The Unlimited Robotics Podcast

Unlimited Robotics

Welcome to WR:UR - we are Unlimited Robotics. This podcast is designed for anybody who is interested in robotics and mechanics, including makers, software developers, data scientists, engineers and robot developers. We host interesting guests from all across the board, discussing about, what we believe to be, fascinating topics in robotics and the interactions between humans and machines. Unlimited Robotics is a startups that develops an open platform that makes the entire robot development process easier and faster. On the other hand, we empower engineers to offer mechanical solutions for people in different industries, such as people with disabilities, hospitals, education, life saving organizations and more. Please visit us on www.unlimited-robotics.com for more information or write us to: developers@Unlimited-robotics.com if you want to join our rapidly growing community of makers.

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Today we'll talk about Google and its task assignment protocols. We will also try to understand whether AI will eventually replace us and we'll finish with a fruitful discussion with our very talented Michal Leshchinsky about the eternal question about design and Human-Robot-Interactions: humanoids - good or bad? Follow us for more updates and news about robots or visit our website: https://www.unlimited-robotics.com

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