WSJ’s The Future of Everything

WSJ’s The Future of Everything

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What will the future look like? The Future of Everything offers a kaleidoscope view of the nascent trends that will shape our world. In every episode, join our award-winning team on a new journey of discovery. We’ll take you beyond what’s already out there, and make you smarter about the scientific and technological breakthroughs on the horizon that could transform our lives for the better. Hosted by Janet Babin.

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Superconductivity means zero wasted electricity; perfectly conducted energy. Typically it's been made using either super high pressure or extremely low temperatures. This makes it inefficient and expensive for practical use. But in an incremental first, researchers have managed to create a superconducting material that works at room temperature and with less pressure. If we could create this technology large-scale, it would completely revolutionize our energy grid and the way we travel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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