Chasing Life

Chasing Life


Do you ever wonder what makes us tick? The way we act, feel and even process information from the world around us? All of it starts with the brain. CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta is tapping his decades of experience as a neurosurgeon to explore the many states of the brain – distracted, nourished, concussed, frightened and more. Our brains are in constant conversation with our bodies, so the condition of one can have direct effect on the other. Sanjay will provide insights into how to actually build a stronger brain and keep it sharp.

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During the holiday season, we’re often encouraged to make amends and forgive people, but what does it take to really forgive someone? And what happens to your brain and body when you do... or don’t? In this episode, Sanjay talks with forgiveness science pioneer, Robert Enright. He’s been studying and writing about forgiveness for decades at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and he says forgiveness is a choice, and that your ability to do it can be strengthened like a muscle. Enright walks us through a range of scenarios, from forgiving small things like being late for a meeting to larger ones, like forgiving someone who’s engaged in violence.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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