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The Financial Coconut is Singapore's First Financial Literacy Podcast. In our Podcast, we will be debunking financial myths, discovering the best financial practices, discussing financial strategies that fit our unique life! Join like minded individuals by joining our membership. You will get exclusive investing content as well as a place to hang out with like minded individuals: Feel free to join our community Telegram group! And follow our Facebook Page for visual content. Music courtesy of

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Estate planning is one topic that many tend to avoid because it involves death and sometimes, it just seems so complicated. On the other hand, some oversimplify it; they think doing up a will alone is enough. Eleanor and Mei Kuen attempt to dispel these misconceptions and explain why estate planning is important for everyone (not just the rich and/or old) in this enlightening episode from a special TFC Chills series brought to you by Providend, Singapore’s first fee-only wealth advisory firm.

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The Financial Coconut started out as a reaction to online fake gurus who are propagating over simplified get rich quick programs. A Podcast that grew out of a desire to share best practices regarding personal finance turned into a network of content championing this idea of “Creating a life you love, while managing your finances well”.

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